User Interface Design and Implementation

Instructor: Rob Miller (course creator), Stefanie Mueller
When: Spring Semester
Content: Covers design principles, prototyping techniques, evaluation techniques, and the implementation of graphical user interfaces. Deliverables include short programming assignments and a semester-long group project.


Build your own Multi-Touch Pad

Instructor: Stefanie Mueller
When: IAP 2017 (January 19 -20, 2017)
Content: Learn laser cutting, electronics breadboard prototyping, soldering, and computer vision in only two afternoons. In this hands-on IAP, we will build a multitouch pad using the principles of FTIR. (based on an ITS tutorial by Anne Roudaut and Patrick Baudisch).


Engineering Interactive Technologies

Instructor: Stefanie Mueller
When: planned for Fall 2017
Content: Teaches how to build cutting edge interactive technologies and provides an overview of each field. Topics covered include multitouch, augmented reality, haptics, wearables, brain computer interfaces, tangibles, fabrication, and more.