6.S063 Engineering Interactive Technologies (fall 2017)

Instructor: Prof. Stefanie Mueller

Class Type: AUS, AUS2, DLAB2 (Departmental Lab), II (Independent Inquiry)

Prerequisites: 6.005, 6.031, 6.111, 6.115 or instructor permission

When: Wednesday and Friday, 1-3pm

Where: Cypress Engineering Design Studio, Room: 38-501

Enrollment: limited to 30 students

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Class content: Teaches how to build cutting edge interactive technologies, explains the underlying engineering concepts, and shows how those technologies evolved over time. Most of the class uses a studio format, i.e., extended periods of time for constructing software and hardware prototypes under the supervision of the teaching team. Every week, we will cover a different type of interactive technology, including multi-touch, augmented reality, haptics, wearables, shape-changing interfaces, and more.

  • open ended project (1-2 students), including midterm and final presentation (40%)
  • laboratory assignments / problem sets (40%)
  • weekly nanoquizzes, no midterm/final exam (20%)
Course Structure:
  • each class is 2 hours and split into a [Tech] and a [Build] section. We will also leave room at the end for you to get started on your homework while the teaching team is still there or use the time for your group project.
  • [Tech]: in the first half, we talk about a subfield of interactive technologies, e.g., augmented reality or shape changing interfaces, how the technology evolved over time and where the field is going.
  • [Build] in the second half, we talk about some practical engineering skills you need to build those interactive technologies yourself.
Disclaimer: This is a completely new course. We do our best to make the experience as smooth as possible for you but as with any new course it will not be perfect the first time. We look for students who are as excited as we are about this new opportunity to talk about the latest inventions in interactive technologies and who are willing to help us shape this course with their input.

Draft Schedule:

Week Date Content Notes
1 Sept 6 (wed)
  • [Tech] Overview of Interactive Technologies
  • [Build] Intro to Laser Cutting and 3D Printing
  • setup your micro-controller, see if the light blinks
  • get your safety training on the laser cutter
Sept 7 (thu)
  • office hour: get help with micro-controller installation
Sept 8 (fr)
  • [Tech] Multitouch Technology
  • [Build] Intro to Breadboard Prototyping and Basic Electronics
  • laser-cut and customize your multi-touch pad
  • build a parallel circuit for your multi-touch pad
Sept 12 (tue)
  • office hour: get help with laser cutting and circuit building
2 Sept 13 (wed)
  • [Tech] Wearables, On-body input, Implanted Interfaces
  • [Build] Input (Buttons, Switches, Sliders) and Output (Motors)
  • add a switch to your touchpad.
  • install OpenCV, run our test example
Sept 14 (thu)
  • office hour: get help with openCV installation
Sept 15 (fr)
  • [Tech] Augmented Reality
  • [Build] Intro to Computer Vision and Tracking
  • implement touch recognition with gestures
Sept 19 (tue)
  • office hour: get help with finger tracking
3 Sept 20 (wed)
  • [Tech] Natural User Interfaces
  • [Build] Intro to gesture and whole body tracking (kinect, myo)
  • control your device remotely from the web (Internet of Things)
  • brainstorm your group project, setup google docs and github
Sept 21 (thu)
  • office hour: get help with micro-controller bluetooth/wifi control
Sept 22 (fr)
  • [Tech] Tangible Computing
  • [Build] Visual Markers, RFID and other identifiers.
  • track and identify different objects.
4 Sept 27 (wed)
  • [Tech] Interactive Fabrication
  • [Build] PCB making and printed electronics
  • 3D model and 3D print an object of your choice
Sept 29 (fr) Student Holiday, no classes
5 Oct 4 (wed)
  • [Tech] Shape Changing Interfaces
  • [Build] Building closed loop interactive systems.
Oct 6 (fr)
  • group work time, prep for idea presentation
Add Date
6 Oct 11 (wed)
  • Idea Project Presentations
Oct 13 (fr)
  • [Tech] Haptics and Force Feedback
7 Oct 18 (wed)
  • [Tech] Display Technology
Oct 20 (fr)
  • [Tech] Ubiquitous computing and Multi-Device Interaction
8 Oct 25 (wed)
  • [Tech] Sound Input
  • [Build] Signal Processing
  • Touch enable your laptop by sound-processing audio-gestures
UIST Conference
Oct 27 (fr)
  • [Tech] Update from the UIST conference
9 Nov 1 (wed)
  • group work time, prep for midterm presentation
Nov 3 (fr)
  • group work time, prep for midterm presentation
10 Nov 8 (wed)
  • Midterm Project Presentations
10 Nov 10 (fr) Veterans Day, no classes
11 Nov 15 (wed)
  • [Tech] Brain Computer Interfaces
Nov 17 (fr)
  • [Tech] Personalization and Context Aware Interfaces
12 Nov 22 (wed)
  • [Build] Photography and Poster Layout
  • make two quality photos of your current prototype version.
  • create a draft of your poster layout with text and scribbles.
Drop Date
Nov 24 (fr) Thanksgiving Vacation
13 Nov 29 (wed)
  • [Build] Video Storyboarding and Editing
  • create a storyboard for your prototype video.
  • record and edit 10 seconds of video from your prototype.
Dec 1 (fr)
  • group work time, prep for final presentation
14 Dec 6 (wed)
  • group work time, prep for final presentation
Dec 8 (fr)
  • group work time, prep for final presentation
15 Dec 13 (wed)
  • Final Project Presentations and Demos
Last Day of Classes