6.810 (former 6.S063)
Engineering Interactive Technologies (fall 2018)

Class content: Provides instruction in building cutting-edge interactive technologies, explains the underlying engineering concepts, and shows how those technologies evolved over time. Students use a studio format (i.e., extended periods of time) for constructing software and hardware prototypes. Topics include interactive technologies, such as multi-touch, augmented reality, haptics, wearables, and shape-changing interfaces. In a group project, students build their own interactive hardware/software prototypes and present them in a live demo at the end of term.


psets: Multi-touch pad (40%) open-ended project (50%) homeworks (10%) nanoquizzes (0%)
  • none this year

Late Policy (if not excused by S3 dean or proof of job interview):
for psets + group project: 1-2 days late (20% off), 3-4 days late (40% off), 5-6 days late (60% off), 7 or more days late (80% off)
for homeworks: we mark it as late in our spreadsheet and consider it at the end in the homeworks part of the grade.

Class Materials

future of interactive tech hardware & software skills: presentation skills: research process:


This schedule is provisional and might change in the next weeks.

Week Date Topic Room Notes
1 Sept 5 (wed) IDC garage
Sept 7 (fr) IDC garage, EDS, and Stefanie's labspace
2 Sept 12 (wed) IDC garage
Sept 14 (fr) IDC garage + courtyard
3 Sept 19 (wed) IDC garage, middle, and front conference room
Sept 21 (fr) no class
4 Sept 26 (wed) EDS & IDC garage Stefanie, Dishita out
Sept 28 (fr) EDS & IDC garage Stefanie, Dishita out
5 Oct 3 (wed) garage
Oct 5 (fr) garage + courtyard Add Date
6 Oct 10 (wed)
  • Lecture: Haptics and Force Feedback PDF PPT KEY
garage Martin out
Oct 12 (fr) garage + courtyard Dishita out, Martin out
7 Oct 17 (wed) Stefanie's labspace (32-211) Stefanie, Dishita, Doga, Martin out
Oct 19 (fr) EDS Mark out, Martin out
8 Oct 24 (wed) garage
Oct 26 (fr) courtyard only
9 Oct 31 (wed) garage
Nov 2 (fr) courtyard, front, and middle conference rooms
10 Nov 7 (wed) garage
Nov 9 (fr) garage + courtyard
11 Nov 14 (wed) garage, middle conference room
Nov 16 (fr) garage + courtyard Mark out
12 Nov 21 (wed) garage Drop Date
Nov 23 (fr)
Thanksgiving Vacation, no progress deliverable no class
13 Nov 28 (wed)
  • lecture: press training (including guest talk from MIT CSAIL press)
Nov 30 (fr)
garage + courtyard
14 Dec 5 (wed) IDC garage, middle, and front conference room
Dec 7 (fr)
  • group work time
Stefanie out
15 Dec 12 (wed)
  • live demos (graded), schedule and order here
  • DEADLINE: finalize your group project website including all project deliverables, upload until 11.59pm
    • check Example Website here
    • if you change your website link, update it here
    • you must include:
    • section 'Presentation' (link to midterm, final presentation)
    • section 'Files' (all code files, laser cut / 3D print files, Rhino3D Viz files as a .zip)
    • section 'Video'
    • section '3D Visualization'
    • section 'Rotoscope'
    • section 'Actuators' and 'Sensors'
    • section 'User Study'
    • section 'Milestone Videos'
IDC garage, middle, and front conference room Last Day of Classes