6.S063 Engineering Interactive Technologies (fall 2017)

HW4: 3D print a keychain

Deadline: due Wednesday (Oct 4, 2017) at 1pm, upload here

  • photo of your keychain, upload here
  • 3D print file of your keychain (.stl), upload here
  • bring your keychain to class on friday, October 4, 1pm
  • post on piazza
  • go to a TA office hour for building/coding oriented questions (tbd)
  • go to an instructor office hour for logistical questions and grading (mondays, 4-5pm, 32-211)
  • do not send us emails

3D print a keychain. You can either download one from thingiverse.com or 3D model your own. We recommend using the Ultimaker in the IDC space but you can use other machines as well.
Recommended 3D Modeling Tools: