6.S063 Engineering Interactive Technologies (fall 2017)

HW5: Upload your best 5 ideas to your project website

Deadline: due Wednesday (Sept 27, 2017) at 11.59pm, upload to your project website

  • a scribble / drawing of each project idea on a mud card
  • max. 100 words of what the idea is
  • post on piazza
  • go to a TA office hour for building/coding oriented questions (tbd)
  • go to an instructor office hour for logistical questions and grading (mondays, 4-5pm, 32-211)
  • do not send us emails

With you team member, brainstorm different project ideas. The more ideas you generate, the more you have to pick from in the end. After your brainstorming, pick the best five ideas you have and upload them to your project website (in the corresponding week) as a scribble and some text explaining the idea.

Please do not make super polished drawings at this point as this is counter productive to the whole brainstorming idea. Your ideas should be presented low-fidelity in look (aka sketches) so your audience feels invited to provide feedback. You still need to make sure your audience is able to understand what you are showing.
Here's a brainstorming we ran in my lab a few weeks ago: