6.S063 Engineering Interactive Technologies (fall 2017)

HW1: Laser-cut your own business card

Deadline: due Wednesday (September 13, 2017) at 1pm, upload here

  • photo of your business card, upload here
  • laser cut file for your business card, upload here
  • bring your card to class on wednesday, September 13, 1pm
  • post on piazza
  • go to a TA office hour for building/coding oriented questions (tbd)
  • go to an instructor office hour for logistical questions and grading (mondays, 4-5pm, 32-211)
  • do not send us emails

The title says it all. Laser cut your own business card, upload the deliverables to gradebook, and bring your card to class. Materials, design etc. is all up to you. We recommend using paper, cardboard, acrylic, or wood. Google for some inspiration.
Where can I laser cut?
Where can I buy materials?

Laser Cutter Tutorial
For Universal Laser Systems (the blue machine in EDS and red machine in IDC).
You can also read the PLS_User_Guide.pdf.

use your favorite drawing program (Illustrator, Open Draw, Inkscape, Visio, PPT) use red lines with thickness of 0pt or 0.00001pt go to document -> print and select the laser cutter
print your document to the laser cutter (nothing will be cut yet) open the Universal Laser System Control Panel (UCP) get your acrylic, wood, or paper ready
place it in the laser cutter go to settings in UCP go to material database
for acrylic, pick plastic -> cast acrylic -> acrylic enter thickness apply settings
in the manual control view, don't forget to turn the z-axis on in the main view, select focus view (second button) click somewhere to move the laser head to a free spot on your material sheet
select relocate (third button) this should show little handles on your drawing click 'to pointer' to move drawing to where the laser head is
did you turn on the filter? did you turn on the compressor? then press start it cuts... and you are done :).