6.S063 Engineering Interactive Technologies (fall 2017)

Midterm Presentation (5 min each)

Please focus on showing what you have built/implemented up until now and what are the remaining challenges to get to your final demo.
Show some code on the slides, explain libraries or sensors you used, anything that you would like others to know that would be helpful for them in the future when they build their own stuff?
(Please no fluff talking and whining about how hard something was, just show what you have and keep it informative for everyone else so we all learn something :)).

More details:
  • 5 min per team
  • show your progress from the first 3 weeks (there will be another 4 weeks of project time until final presentations on Dec. 6, so please treat this presentation as almost half way through the project).
  • we expect to see already some parts of the prototype, e.g. some parts already fabricated, some sensor readings shown on a display, some wifi data already being streamed. You don't need to have results on all parts yet but we want to see something real that you have already built and not just talking about ideas and plans again.
  • live demo beats video beats static photo (but always have a back-up video if you try to show sth live)
  • the more prototype you show the better
  • have one slide explain your final demo for Dec. 6 and what’s still missing
  • have one slide explain the main remaining challenges to make it work