6.S063 Engineering Interactive Technologies (fall 2017)

HW10: Decide on idea, describe what you will build

Deadline: due Wednesday (Oct. 18, 2017) at 11.59pm, upload to your project website

  • a section on your website that describes which idea you chose for your final project
  • a clear description of how the project fulfills the requirements in the form of:
    • (1) some lasercut/3D printed parts: 'we will lasercut/3Dprint XX'
    • (2) custom electronics: 'we will use sensors/actuators XX'
    • (3) custom code and data being send via wifi: 'we will send data XX via wifi and do YY with it'
    • (4) react to user input: 'we sense what the user does to our prototype in this way…'
    • (5) must solve a real-world problem: 'we solve problem XX'
    • you can find the project requirements here
  • a clear description of what the final demo will be (what you will show in the last week of the semester)