One-Day Virtual CHI 2020:
Fabrication Event

Keeping our community together

Even though the in-person CHI 2020 conference was cancelled due to the global pandemic, our community is coming together virtually to share their groundbreaking work in HCI and personal fabrication.

Monday, May 18, 9am - 5pm EST

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Each full paper will be presented in a live 15-minute talk and 3-minute Q&A.
Each late-breaking work (LBW) will be given 3 minutes.

Slack channel for discussion

Feel free to join the #chi20_virtual channel on the Fab Research workspace.


08:45 - 09:00am EST

Short welcome from the organizers, overview of the day.

Session #1
9:00 - 10:00am EST

Session Chair: Daniel Ashbrook (University of Copenhagen)
1 Kirigami Haptic Swatches: Design Methods for Cut-and-Fold Haptic Feedback Mechanisms
Zekun Chang, Tung D. Ta, Koya Narumi, Heeju Kim, Fuminori Okuya, Dongchi Li, Kunihiro Kato, Jie Qi, Yoshinobu Miyamoto, Kazuya Saito, Yoshihiro Kawahara
2 FoodFab: Creating Food Perception Illusions using Food 3D Printing
Ying-Ju Lin, Parinya Punpongsanon, Xin Wen, Daisuke Iwai, Kosuke Sato, Marianna Obrist, Stefanie Mueller
3 MagneLayer: Force Field Fabrication by Layered Magnetic Sheets
Kentaro Yasu
4 (5 min LBW) ShrinkyKit: 3D Printing Shrinkable Adaptations for Everyday Objects
Lingyun Sun, Yue Yang, Yu Chen, Jiaji Li, Guanyun Wang, Ye Tao, Lining Yao (presenting from China)

Session #2
10:15 - 11:15am EST

Session Chair: Raf Ramakers (Hasselt University)
5 Embroidered Resistive Pressure Sensors: A Novel Approach for Textile Interfaces
Roland Aigner, Andreas Pointner, Thomas Preindl, Patrick Parzer, Michael Haller
6 PolySense: Augmenting Textiles with Electrical Functionality using In-Situ Polymerization
Cedric Honnet, Hannah Perner-Wilson, Marc Teyssier, Bruno Fruchard, Jürgen Steimle, Ana C. Baptista, Paul Strohmeier
7 Rapid Iron-On User Interfaces: Hands-on Fabrication of Interactive Textile Prototypes
Konstantin Klamka, Raimund Dachselt, Jürgen Steimle
8 (5 min LBW) 4DTexture: A Shape-Changing Fabrication Method for 3D Surfaces with Texture
Lingyun Sun, Jiaji Li, Yu Chen, Yue Yang, Ye Tao, Guanyun Wang, Lining Yao. (presenting from China)

Session #3
11:30 - 12:30pm EST

Session Chair: Lining Yao (CMU)
9 AirTouch: 3D-Printed Touch-Sensitive Objects Using Pneumatic Sensing
Carlos E. Tejada, Raf Ramakers, Sebastian Boring, Daniel Ashbrook
10 PhysioSkin: Rapid Fabrication of Skin-Conformal Physiological Interfaces
Aditya Shekhar Nittala, Arshad Khan, Klaus Kruttwig, Tobias Kraus, Jürgen Steimle
11 Mix&Match: Towards Omitting Modelling through In-Situ Alteration and Remixing of Model Repository Artifacts in Mixed Reality
Evgeny Stemasov, Tobias Wagner, Jan Gugenheimer, Enrico Rukzio
12 (5 min LBW) Hydrogel-Textile Composites: Actuators for Shape-Changing Interfaces
Michael L. Rivera, Jack Forman, Scott E. Hudson, Lining Yao

1-hour break
(breakfast West Coast, lunch East Coast, dinner Europe)

Session #4
1:30-2:30pm EST

Session Chair: Jürgen Steimle (Saarland University)
13 ProtoSpray: Combining 3D Printing and Spraying to Create Interactive Displays with Arbitrary Shapes
Ollie Hanton, Michael Wessely, Stefanie Mueller, Mike Fraser, Anne Roudaut
14 Sprayable User Interfaces: Prototyping Large-Scale Interactive Surfaces with Sensors and Displays
Michael Wessely, Ticha Sethapakdi, Carlos Castillo, Jackson C. Snowden, Ollie Hanton, Isabel P. S. Qamar, Mike Fraser, Anne Roudaut, Stefanie Mueller
15 CurveBoards: Integrating Breadboards into Physical Objects to Prototype Function in the Context of Form
Junyi Zhu, Lotta-Gili Blumberg, Yunyi Zhu, Martin Nisser, Ethan Levi Carlson, Xin Wen, Kevin Shum, Jessica Ayeley Quaye, Stefanie Mueller.

Session #5
2:45-3:45pm EST

Session Chair: Alexandra Ion (ETH / CMU)
16 G-ID: Identifying 3D Prints Using Slicing Parameters
Mustafa Doga Dogan, Faraz Faruqi, Andrew Day Churchill, Kenneth Friedman, Leon Cheng, Sriram Subramanian, Stefanie Mueller.
17 TangibleCircuits: An Interactive 3D Printed Circuit Education Tool for People with Visual Impairments
Josh Urban Davis, Te-Yen Wu, Bo Shi, Hanyi Lu, Athina Panotopoulou, Emily Whiting, Xing-Dong Yang.
18 Exploring and Understanding the Role of Workshop Environments in Personal Fabrication Processes
Michelle Annett, Tovi Grossman, Daniel Wigdor, George Fitzmaurice

Session #6
4-5 pm EST

Session Chair: Nadya Peek (UW)
19 Jubilee: An Extensible Machine for Multi-tool Fabrication
Joshua Vasquez, Hannah Twigg-Smith, Jasper Tran O'Leary, Nadya Peek.
20 Unfabricate: Designing Smart Textiles for Disassembly
Shanel Wu, Laura Devendorf
21 StoryMakAR: Bringing Stories to Life with an Augmented Reality & Physical Prototyping Toolkit for Youth
Terrell Glenn, Ananya Ipsita, Caleb Carithers, Kylie Peppler, Karthik Ramani