Stefanie Mueller

X-Consortium Career Development Assistant Professor
MIT Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, joint with Mechanical Engineering
MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Head of the HCI Engineering Group



Xiuming Zhang, Tianfan Xue, Tali Dekel, Andrew Owens, Jiajun Wu, Stefanie Mueller, William Freeman.
MoSculp: Interactive Visualization of Shape and Time.
In Proceedings of UIST 2018 (to appear).

Parinya Punpongsanon, Xin Wen, David Kim, Stefanie Mueller.
ColorMod: Recoloring 3D Printed Objects using Photochromic Inks.
In Proceedings of CHI 2018 (to appear).
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Huaishu Peng, Cheng-Yao Wang, James Briggs, Kevin Guo, Joseph Kider,
Stefanie Mueller, Patrick Baudisch, François Guimbretière.

RoMA: Interactive Fabrication with Augmented Reality and a Robotic 3D Printer.
In Proceedings of CHI 2018 (to appear).
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Patrick Baudisch and Stefanie Mueller.
Personal Fabrication.
In Foundations and Trends® in Human–Computer Interaction 2017.
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Saiganesh Swaminathan, Thijs Roumen, Robert Kovacs, David Stangl,
Stefanie Mueller, Patrick Baudisch

Linespace: A Sensemaking Platform for the Blind.
In Proceedings of CHI 2016.
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David Eickhoff, Stefanie Mueller, Patrick Baudisch.
Destructive Games: Creating Value by Destroying Valuable Physical Objects.
In Proceedings of CHI 2016.
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Udayan Umapathi, Hsiang-Ting Chen, Stefanie Mueller, Ludwig Wall, Anna Seufert, Patrick Baudisch.
LaserStacker: Fabricating 3D Objects by Laser Cutting and Welding.
In Proceedings of UIST 2015.
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Alexander Teibrich, Stefanie Mueller, François Guimbretière, Robert Kovacs,
Stefan Neubert, Patrick Baudisch.

Patching Physical Objects.
In Proceedings of UIST 2015.
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Harshit Agrawal, Udayan Umapathi, Robert Kovacs, Johannes Frohnhofen, Hsiang-Ting Chen,
Stefanie Mueller, Patrick Baudisch.

Protopiper: Physically Sketching Room-Sized Objects at Actual Scale.
In Proceedings of UIST 2015.
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Dustin Beyer, Serafima Gurevich, Stefanie Mueller, Hsiang-Ting Chen, Patrick Baudisch.
Platener: Low-Fidelity Fabrication of 3D Objects by Substituting 3D Print with Laser-Cut Plates.
In Proceedings of UIST 2015. [BEST PAPER NOMINEE]
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Stefanie Mueller, Martin Fritzsche, Jan Kossmann, Maximilian Schneider,
Jonathan Striebel, Patrick Baudisch.

Scotty: Relocating Physical Objects Across Distances
Using Destructive Scanning, Encryption, and 3D Printing.

In Proceedings of TEI 2015.
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Stefanie Mueller, Sangha Im, Serafima Gurevich, Alexander Teibrich, Lisa Pfisterer,
François Guimbretière, Patrick Baudisch.

WirePrint: 3D Printed Previews for Fast Prototyping.
In Proceedings of UIST 2014.
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Stefanie Mueller, Tobias Mohr, Kerstin Guenther, Johannes Frohnhofen, Patrick Baudisch.
faBrickation: Fast 3D printing of Functional Objects With Building Blocks.
In Proceedings of CHI 2014. [BEST PAPER NOMINEE]
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Stefanie Mueller, Bastian Kruck, Patrick Baudisch.
LaserOrigami: Laser-Cutting 3D Objects.
In Proceedings of CHI 2013. [BEST PAPER AWARD]
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Stefanie Mueller, Pedro Lopes, Patrick Baudisch.
Interactive Construction: Interactive Fabrication of Functional Mechanical Devices.
In Proceedings of UIST 2012.
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Liwei Chan, Stefanie Mueller, Anne Roudaut, Patrick Baudisch.
CapStones and ZebraWidgets: Sensing Stacks of Building Blocks, Dials and Sliders
on Capacitive Touch Screens.

In Proceedings of CHI 2012.
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Instructor: Stefanie Mueller (course creator)
When: fall 2017
Content: Teaches how to build cutting edge interactive technologies and provides an overview of each field. Topics covered include multitouch, augmented reality, haptics, wearables, brain computer interfaces, tangibles, fabrication, and more.


Instructor: Rob Miller (course creator), Stefanie Mueller
When: spring 2017
Content: Covers design principles, prototyping techniques, evaluation techniques, and the implementation of graphical user interfaces. Deliverables include short programming assignments and a semester-long group project.


Instructor: Joe Steinmeyer (course creator), Stefanie Mueller
When: every spring semester
Content: This course strives to expose its students to a breadth of EECS concepts by working within an infrastructure of mobile embedded systems, and engineering across different platforms.
Taught: spring 2018



Paul Worgan, 01/17 - 12/17
Antonio Gomes, 01/17 - 09/17
Parinya Punpongsanon, 01/17 - 03/18

PhD Students

Dishita Turakhia, 09/17 -
Junyi Zhu, 09/17 -
Martin Nisser, 09/17 -

Visiting Students

Kevin Reuss, 07/17 - 12/17
Mustafa Doga Dogan, 07/17 - 09/17
Jiamin He, 01/17 - 05/17

MEng Students

Kenneth Friedman, 09/17 -
Yini Qi, 09/17 -


Xin Wen, 09/17 - 05/18
Carolyn Ly, 09/17 - 05/18
Megan Chao, 09/17 - 05/18


Tianye Chen, 02/18 -
Loren Maggiore, 02/18 -
Lotta-Gili Blumberg, 01/18 -

At Hasso Plattner Institute (2012-2016)

MEng Thesis
2016 Anna Seufert
2015 Saiganesh Swaminathan (CHI'16 paper)
2015 Alexander Teibrich (UIST'15 paper)
2014 Dustin Beyer (CHI'15 paper)
2014 Bernhard Rabe
2014 Tobias Mohr (CHI'14 paper)
2013 David Eickhoff (CHI'16 note)
2013 Konstantin Kaefer (TEI'13 demo)

Bachelor Thesis
Sven Mischkewitz, Lukas Wagner, Klara Seitz, Amadeus Glöckner,
Dimiti Schmid, Arthur Silber, Stefan Neubert, Adrian Sieber, Yannis Kommana, Johannes Deselaers

Carl Goedecken, Kevin Reuss, Tobias Wollowski, Anna Seufert, Kai Adrian Rollmann, Sijing You, Steffen Kötte, Maximilian Brehm, Markus Dücker, Alexander Franke, Elina Zarisheva, Pascal Crenzin, Kai-Adrian Rollmann, Alexander Teibrich, Lisa Pfisterer, Maximilian Schneider, Martin Fritzsche, Jan Kossmann, Jonathan Striebel, Kerstin Guenther, Bastian Kruck, David Eickhoff, Nils Kenneweg, Johannes Villmow, Fabian Eckert, Konstantin Kaefer


General Co-Chair Rising Stars in EECS - An Academic Career Workshop for Women 2018
SheHacks Boston, Invited Project Judge 2018
Erin M.A. Aylward Community Dinner, Graduate Women in EECS, GW6 2017
MIT New Graduate Women in EECS Seminar Series, Faculty Participant 2017
MIT Society of Women Engineers, Meet the Professors Dinner 2017
MIT CONVERGE, Preview Weekend for Underrepresented Minorities, Faculty Contact 2017
Rising Stars in EECS, Stanford, Panelist: Junior Women Faculty 2017
MIT Equity and Community Dinner, Faculty Participant 2017
ACM CHI Conference, Diversity Lunch Table Leader 2017
LevelUp - Career Pathways in STEM, MIT Society of Women Engineers, Keynote Speaker 2017
RSS – Women in Robotics Workshop, Invited Talk 2017
The Tech, MIT Newspaper, Immigrant Members of the MIT community, Interview 2017
ACM CHI Conference, Diversity Lunch Table Leader 2017


06/24/18 I won an ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award Honorable Mention.
06/23/18 MoSculpt got accepted for UIST 2018.
06/22/18 UIST 2018 Program Committee in Seattle.
05/15/18 I won the MIT EECS Outstanding Educator Award.
05/15/18 My UROP Xin Wen won the MIT EECS Licklider Best UROP Award.
02/17/18 I won the ACM SIGCHI Best Dissertation Award
01/29/18 ColorMod is MIT's spotlight for the day
12/11/17 Two papers accepted for ACM CHI 2018
12/09/17 CHI 2018 Program Committee in Montreal
11/05/17 Faculty Panelist at Rising Stars in EECS
10/24/17 Chairing the Posters at UIST 2017
10/24/17 Chairing the Fabrication Session at UIST 2017
10/22/17 Faculty Panelist at UIST 2017 Doctoral Symposium
09/25/17 I won the GI Dissertation Award


ACM Symposium on
Computational Fabrication (SCF) 2017

General Co-Chair and Co-Founder

ACM SIGCHI Summer School 2017: Computational Fabrication and Smart Matter

General Co-Chair

Rising Stars in EECS 2018: An Academic Career Workshop for Women

General Co-Chair

Program Committees

General Chair, Paper Chair, Sub-Committee Chair:
Paper Co-Chair ACM ISS 2020
Subcommittee Co-Chair ACM CHI 2019
General Co-Chair ACM SCF 2017

Program Committees:
Program Committee Member ACM CHI 2018
Program Committee Member ACM CHI 2017
Program Committee Member ACM UIST 2017
Program Committee Member ACM CHI 2016
Program Committee Member ACM UIST 2016
Program Committee Member ACM CHI 2015

Reviewing: ACM UIST 2012-2017, ACM CHI 2012-2017,
ACM SIGGRAPH 2013, 2015, GI 2016, DIS 2014, TEI 2013/2014, MobileHCI 2011

Organizing Committees

ACM UIST 2019 Demo Co-Chair
ACM UIST 2018 Demo Co-Chair
ACM UIST 2017 Poster Co-Chair
ACM UIST 2017 Doctoral Symposium Panelist
ACM UIST 2016 Poster Co-Chair
ACM UIST 2015 Student Innovation Contest Co-Chair
ACM UIST 2014 Student Volunteer Co-Chair


ACM SIGCHI Best Dissertation Award
GI Dissertation Award
ACM Conference Founder
Forbes 30 under 30 in Science, 2017
Best Paper Nominee, ACM CHI 2015
Best Paper Nominee, ACM CHI 2014
Best Paper Award, ACM CHI 2013

Invited Talks

30/05/17 Northwestern University, host: Jake Pollock
15/07/17 RSS 2017 Women in Robotics Workshop
22/04/17 Keynote Speaker LevelUp Pathways in STEM
11/02/17 Keynote Speaker RoboCon 2017

13/07/16 Max Planck Institute, host: Juergen Steimle
15/06/16 FabCon 3.D, host: Florian Horsch
10/04/16 Technion (Israel Institute of Technology)
06/04/16 Cornell Tech, host: Shiri Azenkot
04/04/16 Cornell University, host: François Guimbretière
30/03/16 Columbia University, host: Steven K. Feiner
28/03/16 Princeton University, host: Szymon Rusinkiewicz
24/03/16 Carnegie Mellon University, host: Chris Atkeson
21/03/16 U Michigan Ann Arbor, host: Mark Ackerman
17/03/16 Brown University, host: Jeff Huang
15/03/16 UIUC, host Karrie Karahalios
10/03/16 University of Toronto, host: Daniel Wigdor
07/03/16 Harvard University, host: Krzysztof Gajos
02/03/16 UCSD, host: Scott Klemmer
29/02/16 University of British Columbia, host: Karon McLean
25/02/16 University of Washington, host: James Fogarty
22/02/16 MIT EECS, host: Srini Devadas
19/02/16 MIT MechE, host: David Wallace
11/02/16 Yale University, host: Holly Rushmeier
08/02/16 Stanford University, host: James Landay
04/02/16 UC Berkeley, host: Bjoern Hartmann
02/02/16 Max Planck Research Group Symposium
26/01/16 Adobe Research, CTL, host: Mira Dontcheva

16/12/15 Royal College of Art (RCA), host: Kevin Walker
09/12/15 UCSD Design@Large, host: Scott Klemmer
07/12/15 FXPAL, host: Daniel Avrahami
19/11/15 MIT CSAIL, host: Wojciech Matusik
18/11/15 MIT Media Lab, host: Hiroshii Ishii
16/11/15 Cornell Tech, host: Shiri Azenkot,
13/11/15 Carnegie Mellon University, host: Scott Hudson
25/06/15 Newcastle University, host: Patrick Olivier
23/06/15 University of Bristol, host: Mike Fraser
15/06/15 IST Austria, host: Bernd Bickel
26/02/15 The Hebrew University, host: Amit Zoran
21/01/15 Adobe Research San Francisco, host: David Salesin

11/12/14 Rakuten Institute, host: Adiyan Mujibiya
10/12/14 University of Tokyo, host: Jun Rekimoto
02/12/14 EPFL, host: Mark Pauly
27/11/14 Disney Research Zürich / ETH
30/08/14 University of Washington, dub lunch talk
17/06/14 MSR Redmond, Natural Interaction Research Group

24/10/13 Designers' Open Conference on Rapid Prototyping
30/09/13 Media Interaction Lab, host: Michael Haller
13/05/13 MSR Cambridge, Sensors and Devices Group
23/04/13 Rapid Prototyping Panel, TSB Berlin


Selected Articles
New Scientist, '3D-printed display lets blind people explore images by touch'
New Scientist, '3D print extra bits for old objects to help extend their life'
Gizmodo: 'An Upgraded Tape Gun Lets You Quickly Build Life-Size Wireframe Prototypes'
The Guardian: 'Beam me up Scotty: German scientists invent working teleporter, of sorts'
Wired: 'Cool 3-D Printing Software Just Makes the Skeletons of Your Stuff'
The Atlantic: '3D Printing and Legos: Perfect Together'
BBC: 'LaserOrigami: Highlights from the Computer Human Interaction conference'