6.810 Engineering Interactive Technologies (fall 2021)

IDC (N52-337): How to get there

IDC Campus Location

The IDC (Building: N52) is located next to the current location of the MIT Museum.

Pay close attention which door you are using. To get to the spray space, you need to enter through the door that is on the ramp (see photos below). Do NOT use the door that is right next to the MIT Museum. Instead, you have to walk around the corner, there is a ramp there for accessibility access next to a parking lot. If you go up the ramp, this is the door you need.

Getting to the Spray Space inside IDC

If you look at the walls, we will have signs for you up that will guide you the rest of the

After entering the building, go straight ahead, then take it right.
You should see an elevator, move passed it and continue down the corridor.

Turn right and go along the long corridor. Almost at the end of the long corridor, there is a door on the left side that will say '6.810 spraying'.

Go through the door, then open the red gate and enter the IDC outdoor backyward.

You made it :).

Laser Cutting your Stencil on the 3rd floor (N52-337)

Later, if you need to laser cut your stencil, take the elevator up to the third floor (where is says 'International Design Center').

When you exit the elevator on the third floor, take a left turn.
Go straight until the end of the hallway.
Then turn right, keep going straight until you reach the IDC workshop on the left side.