6.810 Engineering Interactive Technologies (fall 2021)

Lab Series: Interactive Mug with Sprayed EL Display

In this lab series, you will create the interactive mug shown below.

The mug consists of a sprayed electroluminescent display and an inkjet printed temperature sensor. When the user pours in tea or coffee, the mug can sense the temperature of the liquid and when its too hot, blink the display as a warning.

This lab series consists of the following labs:

Use our design or make your own

For each lab and pset in 6.810, you have the choice to either use our template design files or to make your own design. In the case of lab 5-8 that means you can either use our display design (coffee cup shape) or make your own display design. Sprayed displays have only about a 50% to work when you are new to spraying as a fabrication technique, thus if you decide to make your own design we recommend you also spray a few of our designs as a backup. If you decide to make your own, please make sure you read a bit ahead what's coming in lab 5/6/7/8. There is also the risk that your own design will have its own bugs that we are less knowledgable about. Below you see a custom display design from a 6.810 team from last year.