Engineering Interactive Technologies (fall 2021)

Class content: Provides instruction in building cutting-edge interactive technologies, explains the underlying engineering concepts, and shows how those technologies evolved over time. Students use a studio format (i.e., extended periods of time) for constructing software and hardware prototypes. Topics include interactive technologies, such as multi-touch, augmented reality, haptics, wearables, and shape-changing interfaces. In a group project, students build their own interactive hardware/software prototypes and present them in a live demo at the end of term.

Labs & Homeworks (20%, 1.25% each)

PSets (40%)

Group Project (40%)


Week Date Room Lecture (1-1.30pm) Lab (1.30-4pm) Pset Multi-Touch Pad Project Notes
1 Sept 8 (wed) 34-501
Zoom Slides
Inkjet Printing
Cap. Sensing
Laser Cutting
Lab 1: Circuit Drawings for Conductive Inkjet Printing
Laser Cutting (released): Business Card CHI Deadline (Sept. 9)
Sept 10 (fr) 34-501
Zoom Slides
Circuit and Signal Processing for Touch Sensing
Motion Sensors
Lab 2: Sensing Touch from Inkjet Printed Circuit
Intro Slide (released): make one slide Michael at CMU
2 Sept 15
Zoom Slides
Student Intro Slides
Lab 3: Sending Touch Data to Processing
Pset1 (released): Generating Fabrication Files
Laser Cut Card + Intro Slide (due 1pm)
Sept 17 (fr) 34-501
Zoom Slides
Electroluminescent Displays
Lab 4: Touch Slider
Spray Teams (released): enter team
3 Sept 22 (wed) 34-501
Zoom Slides
Electrochromic, Thermochromic, Photochromic Displays catch up time, finish lab3/4 or work on pset1
Spray Teams (due): enter team
Pset1 (due): Generating Fabrication Files
Career Exploration Week
Sept 24 (fr) IDC (N52, 1st floor) no lecture, we are spraying today Lab 5: Spraying an Electroluminescent Display
Pset2 (released): Assembling Circuit Career Exploration Week
4 Sept 29 (wed) 34-501
Zoom Slides
EL Display Circuit & PWM Lab 6: Controlling your EL Display Junyi traveling
Oct 1 (fr) 34-501
Zoom Slides
- Overview Group Project
- Project Idea Presentations from PhD students (Track #1)
Lab 7: Inkjet Printed Temperature Sensor

Pset2 (due): Assembling Circuit
Project Sign-up (released) (Track #1): sign up for project Junyi traveling
5 Oct 6 (wed) 34-501
Zoom Slides
Actuation & Communication: Shape Change, RFID, Wireless Power Lab 8: Mug Assembly & Display Control Using Temperature Pset3 (released): Sensing Multi-Touch Input
Project Sign-up (due) (Track #1) (4pm): sign up for project
Oct 8 (fr) 34-501
Zoom Slides
3D Printing for Interactive Objects catch up time for lab7/8 Add Date
6 Oct 13 (wed) 34-501
Zoom Slides
3D Printing Technologies Lab 9: 3D Modeling the Lamp
Pset3 (due, October 14 (thursday)): Sensing Multi-Touch Input
Own Ideas due (1pm) (Track #2): upload your own project ideas UIST 2021
Oct 15 (fr) 34-501
Zoom Slides
The Future of Fabrication Lab 10: Slicing and 3D Printing the Lamp Pset4 (released): Visualizing Multi-Touch Input
Rising Stars in EECS
7 Oct 20 (wed) 34-501
Zoom Slides
Interactive Textiles
work on technical proposal and milestone plan
Technical Proposal & Milestone Plan due: upload to google drive
Oct 22 (fr) 34-501
Zoom Slides
Vision-Based Multi-Touch Technology Lab 11: Conductive Yarn for Creating the Lamp Shade Pset4 due: Visualizing Multi-Touch Input
8 Oct 27 (wed) 34-501
Zoom Slides
Brain Computer Interfaces Lab 12: Control Circuit for the Interactive Lamp
Pset5 released: Multi-Touch: Gesture Detection
Oct 29 (fr) 34-501
Zoom Slides
Haptics & Force Feedback catch up time lab11/12 Milestone #1: upload videos Family Weekend
9 Nov 3 (wed) 34-501
Zoom Slides
Maker Learning Tools Lab 13: Drawing Rotoscopes
Pset5 due: Multi-Touch: Gesture Detection
Nov 5 (fr) 34-501
Zoom Slides
Health Sensing Lab 14: Taking Photos & Photo Editing
Milestone #2: upload videos
10 Nov 10 (wed) 34-501
Zoom Slides
Smart Materials / Painting Lab 15: Video Recording & Editing
Nov 12 (fr) 34-501
Zoom Slides
Shape Changing Interfaces group project worktime Milestone #3: upload videos
11 Nov 17 (wed) 34-501
Zoom Slides
Augmented Reality group project worktime Drop Date (Nov 18)
Nov 19 (fr) 34-501
Zoom Slides
Midterm Presentation (5 min per team) group project worktime Midterm Presentation: prepare slides
12 Nov 24 (wed) 34-501
Zoom Slides
optional class group project worktime Thanksgiving pre-travel
Nov 26 (fr) 34-501
Zoom Slides
no class Thanksgiving
13 Dec 1 (wed) 34-501
Zoom Slides
Creativity Support Tools group project worktime
Dec 3 (fr) 34-501
Zoom Slides
Robots and other Actuated Interfaces group project worktime Milestone #4: upload videos at most one assignment due between this date and the end of the last class
14 Dec 8 (wed) 34-501
Zoom Slides
Final Presentations Live demos Final presentation: upload slides here last class