Engineering Interactive Technologies (fall 2021)

Class content: Provides instruction in building cutting-edge interactive technologies, explains the underlying engineering concepts, and shows how those technologies evolved over time. Students use a studio format (i.e., extended periods of time) for constructing software and hardware prototypes. Topics include interactive technologies, such as multi-touch, augmented reality, haptics, wearables, and shape-changing interfaces. In a group project, students build their own interactive hardware/software prototypes and present them in a live demo at the end of term.

We are currently updating the class for fall 2021. If you are interested to see the course schedule for the previous offering, you can find it here: 6.810 fall 2020

Labs & Homeworks (20%)

PSets (40%)

Group Project (40%)


Week Date Room Class Notes
1 Sept 8 (wed) Install: Adobe Illustrator
Lab 1: Circuit Drawings for Conductive Inkjet Printing
Sept 10 (fr) Install: Arduino with ESP Board Manager
Lab 2: Sensing Touch from Inkjet Printed Circuit
2 Sept 15
Install: Processing and (recommended) do the getting started tutorial
Lab 3: Sending Touch Data to Processing
Pset1 released: Multi-Touch Pad: Circuit Design
Sept 17 (fr) Lab 4: Sensing Input from a Touch Slider
3 Sept 22 (wed) Lab 5: Spraying an Electroluminescent Display
Sept 24 (fr) Lab 6: Controlling your EL Display & Creating a Temperature Sensor
4 Sept 29 (wed) Lab 7: Assembling and Programming the Interactive Mug
Pset1 due: Multi-Touch Pad: Circuit Design
Oct 1 (fr) Lab 8: Multi-Touch Pad Assembly
Pset2 released: Multi-Touch: Sensing Multi-Touch
5 Oct 6 (wed) Lab 9: 3D Printing the Lamp Base and Shade
Oct 8 (fr) Lab 10: Conductive Yarn for Creating the Lamp Shade
6 Oct 13 (wed) Lab 11: Control Circuit for the Interactive Lamp
Oct 15 (fr) Pset2 due: Multi-Touch: Sensing Multi-Touch
7 Oct 20 (wed) Pset3 released: Multi-Touch: Processing Visualization
Oct 22 (fr)
8 Oct 27 (wed)
Oct 29 (fr)
9 Nov 3 (wed) Pset3 due: Multi-Touch: Processing Visualization
Nov 5 (fr) Pset4 released: Multi-Touch: Gesture Detection
10 Nov 10 (wed)
Nov 12 (fr)
11 Nov 17 (wed)
Nov 19 (fr) Pset4 due: Multi-Touch: Gesture Detection
12 Nov 24 (wed)
Nov 26 (fr)
13 Dec 1 (wed)
Dec 3 (fr)
14 Dec 8 (wed)
Dec 10 (fr)
15 Dec 15 (wed)
Dec 17 (fr)