6.810 Engineering Interactive Technologies (fall 2021)

Problem Set Series: Multi-Touch Pad

In this problem set series, you will create the multi-touch pad shown above.

Pset1: Generating the Fabrication Files: you will write a Processing program that automatically generates the fabrication files for the multi-touch pad.
Pset2: Assembling the Circuit: you will print your multi-touch pad, assemble it, and then build the circuit for sensing touch input.
Pset3: Sensing Multi-Touch Input: you will write the microcontroller code for reading the touch signals from each electrode.
In Pset4: Visualizing Multi-Touch Input, you will extend your code to draw the touch signals into an image and then extract the touch points via computer vision.
In Pset5: Touch Pressure & Gesture Detection, you will write a gesture recognizer that can differentiate between different user inputs and also detect the user's touch pressure.

Each of the five Psets is worth 8%, i.e. in total all psets are 40% of your grade.