6.810 Engineering Interactive Technologies (fall 2021)

Lab Series: 3D Printed Lamp with Conductive Yarn Buttons

In this lab series, you will create the interactive lamp shown below that can change its color when the user touches one of its sewn on touch-buttons.

The lamp consists of a 3D printed lamp base, a hand-sewn fabric cover with touch buttons stitched from conductive yarn, and integrated LEDs. Each touch button allows the user to set a specific light color for the room, and one touch button turns the lamp on/off.

This lab series consists of the following labs:

Use our design or make your own

For each lab and pset in 6.810, you have the choice to either use our template design files or to make your own design. In the case of lab 9-12 that means you can either use our 3D printed lamp design or make your own lamp design (please make your lamp a similar size so 3D printer filament use and fabric use will be similar to other students). If you decide to make your own, please make sure you read a bit ahead what's coming in lab 9/10/11/12. There is also the risk that your own design will have its own bugs that we are less knowledgable about.